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Apocalypse or Wake Up Call?

Dear Friends,

I read that America is dying. The intensity surrounding us from the raging fires on the west coast, the roar of the mid-west to east coast hurricanes, and the political climate makes it feel like an apocalypse is coming. Mother nature's billboard sign screams, "WAKE UP AMERICA!" The stories of Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu are coming to life; The Gods of destruction, creation, and upkeep...the destroyers of evil. This nature of destruction is not malicious but perhaps born out of necessity. In order to create something new, the old must be removed, respectfully. Climate change, cultural power shifts, a divided nation, the age of awakening... pounding at our doorsteps. Feels so doom and gloom, and if you're listening...a wake up call.

A quote by a great shaman, Floyd Red Crow Westerman wrote (and I've taken a few liberties to add on),

"Everything is spiritual, everything has a spirit. We are here on earth only a few winters, then we go to the spirit world. Over 95% of our body is water. In order to stay healthy, you've got to drink good water. Water is sacred, air is sacred. We have the same DNA as the tree, the tree breathes what we exhale, we need what the tree exhales, a cycle if you will. We are all from the earth, and when earth, the water, the atmosphere is corrupted then it will create its own reaction. It's the karma or end result of what we have created. The Mother is reacting. And it is said the floods, fires, and storms will become greater. Great change is coming. It is here. It's not negative. It's evolution. We need to wake up, lean into love, plant something, and treat all things as spirit. WE ARE ONE FAMILY. There is never something like the end or apocalypse, that's for Hollywood. It's like life, there is no end to life." Let us roll up our sleeves, dig in, love with all of our might, speak up, be brave and do the hard work that is needed, to live consciously and with great reverence for this life-force.



September is Self-Care Awareness Month

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Yoga in the Park

Yoga in the Park ~ Bring your yoga mat, water, and any prop support you may need. This will be a safe and socially distanced outside yoga practice. RSVP by clicking here!


Quantum Healing in the Garden


Self-care and self-love keeps you strong. Thanks so much for reading, signing up, supporting your local yoga teacher, and practicing yoga for the mind, body, and spirit. See you for practice.

Namaste ~


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