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Moving Forward Through all this Fuckery ~

Fuckery... definition by Urban Dictionary - (noun) Insidious deceit, treachery, falsifications & evil works intended to harm, hurt and/or destroy the intended recipient. Fuckery can take many different manifestations.

I am not interested in getting political with you. As a yoga teacher, I find myself in an interesting position... desperately trying to stay grounded and neutral through all this fuckery. It's been a hard year. And if you're feeling how I am feeling, which I think you are, we're all really tired of it. We've been living / surviving through a global pandemic since March, a severe economic downturn, dumpster fires & shit shows in the political arena, civil unrest, the greatest loss of life since 9/11, and climate change raging and consuming from coast to coast. We are living through a collective traumatic experience and there is no end in sight. Boston University has called it "The Great American Trauma." I am calling it The Age of Fuckery.

And yet, here we are. The birds still sing, the sun still rises, a new season is upon us, and we too shall prevail. It's the only way. We can't stop here, my friends.

"If you're going through hell, keep going." ~Winston Churchill

And that's what we are going to do... Keep moving forward. My friend, Gina from yoga said, "where there is breath, there is hope." And she's right.

So take a deep breath, relax your jaw and shoulder blades, expect a little less from yourself, allow time for grief, take no shits from anyone, spend time in nature barefoot, leave it better than you found it, carve out quality time for self and your people... and let's give it all we've got.

We are resilient.

Let's not forget all the nurses, fire fighters, scientists, doctors, grocery clerks, waste management staff, farmers, teachers, and ALL the essential workers who take a major risk everyday so WE can keep going.

Thank you so much!

So here's to October! To healthy happenings, cleaner habits, healing humanity, new beginnings, and to getting through all this fuckery together. Now... let's do some yoga!

And Thank YOU, my friend for your love and support.

Join me for yoga as we move through October. Yoga helps...a lot.


Join me for an outside, in-person, socially distanced yoga in the park! We will FLOW together in this FUN one hour outside class. All levels. No experience necessary.

If you can't make it on October 3rd, join me for another


Saturday, October 18th, 9am

I am dedicated to keeping us moving, inspired, and grounded, as we unwind our minds using prana, unravel the knots using posture, and replenish our spirit using energetic clearing.

Together we will:

Develop core strength

Increase flexibility

Improve posture

Boost energy

Build community

Classes are fun, challenging, and a safe way to stay connected while being at home.

Yoga is for every body, level, and age.


Mondays 5:15pm Unwind the Workday ~ Flow

Tuesdays 12pm Powered up with Weights

Fridays 9:15am Wake Up and Renew (weights optional)

Sundays 10am (new time) YIN to Restore & Reboot

Virtual Membership Opportunity!

Here is what you receive in the monthly virtual membership:

* 3-4 live virtual practices per week via Zoom.

* Each class will be at least 45 minutes.

* Recordings:

*On Demand Yoga class recordings if you miss a practice.

The video library has over 50 yoga recordings made on-demand ~ JUST FOR YOU!

Remember to find ways to stay connected, exercise, and be with community. I am here.

Let's move forward together. Namaste ~

Be well, stay safe, and VOTE.

Tess Conrad Yoga ~ subscribe and learn more here,

See you for practice ~

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