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Welcome Back? The Strength of Forward

It's Back to School time? Welcome to this crazy new school year. "Back" loses its meaning as we move forward in this new and different world. There is no "back" about this. We are in new territory navigating technology, virtual experiences, and not enough bandwidth. This is a crash course for everyone as we move forward online and at home.

Maybe we need to take a pause. We don't have to have it all figured out to move forward. Let us allow ourselves to take a second, see how far we've come in the last five months during this global pandemic, and then give ourselves permission to start where we are or simply to begin. We are indeed in a epic transition shared by all.

Now is the time to find strength as we move forward in new ways exploring the power of possibility and opportunity. The world is at a precipice of change. Regardless of your point of view - conspiracy theorist, global change agent, or somewhere in the middle - our world is changing. What is happening today is life changing. What happened five months ago is life changing. What happened with Black Lives Matter is life changing. Kamala Harris joining Joe Biden on the 2020 Democratic Party ticket, making history is life changing. Yes, we stand upon the precipice of change. There is no going back.

So here we are. Welcome. Welcome forward. Welcome onward and upward as we take what we have been given (what we have created) and move forward. There is no "back" in evolution. There is only forward.

I urge you to stay connected, tapped in, tuned in to community, family, self care, and to the strength of forward. Come with me, I’ve got you. We are going to get through this together.


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Thank you for reading.

Blessings dear friends and family. Stay safe. From my heart to yours.

Namaste ~ Tess

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