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Events and more... ** Feedback Survey ** I want to hear from you. Please fill out my survey by clicking here: ~ Transform with Tess A quick history on my summer transformational program: In 2017, I attended a five week personal training seminar that elevated my yoga journey as a teacher and student. This is where the birth of Transform with Tess was created. I have combined fitness, yoga, nutrition, and meditation into this 3-5 week transformational journey. We will work together to help make life-changing habits that will empower your greatest and highest self. The three or five week options will include: * Healthy meal planning and plant-based recipes. Give our favorite foods a break

The Inflamed Soul

The Inflamed Soul I have been sitting back reflecting on the last few very tragic days. It is hard to know what to say or where to begin. I know staying quiet serves not one soul. The very ground underneath us feels like it is collapsing. The massive misuse of power and the unfathomable atrocities happening in the world is devastating. I ask myself who am I to write something and put it out there? What difference does it make? It makes all the difference. As a gay woman, I am no stranger to oppression. I am part of a larger collective of people who experience injustice because of who we are. I cannot speak for the black community but I can say that my heart is with you and I am appalled

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