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Tess Conrad, E-RYT /

Hi Friends,

Most of us are isolated, out of shape, and feeling not ourselves. This past year had us moving less and eating more. Leaving our minds, bodies, and spirits starved for connection, inspiration, and nourishment. When was the last time you felt good about your health and wellness?

Good thing you are here. It's spring and this season offers us a sense of rebirth and renewal's Earth Day. Earth Day was created to increase public awareness about the mounting environmental concerns and that was back in the 1970s. Look at where we are today. We are coming to a pivotal point were the damage we've done to the planet might be irreversible. It's time to take action.

Dr. Jane Goodall is a trailblazer, humanitarian, U.N. Messenger for Peace, a global ambassador for good, and has recently launched her awe-inspiring cookbook with a purpose, #EATMEATLESS - a plant-based recipe book to help nourish ourselves and our planet.

The power of this book, the transformative offering of spring, and the urgent need for global action inspires me to create a conscious change, a challenge with a purpose, a community building opportunity, and YOU'RE ALL INVITED!

Let's go #MEATLESS and #MOVEMORE for the month of May.

Through live streamed yoga classes, careful planning of meatless meal options, a live Zoom plant-based cooking class and more, we will make healthier choices for ourselves, animals, and our planet. Join us for this Jane Goodall inspired yoga community challenge / invitation to #EATMEATLESS and #MOVEMORE in May.

Did I mention this opportunity is good for the BRAIN too?

Exercise is not only good for the body, it's even better for the brain. Physical fitness could be the most essential important ingredient to living a long, healthy life, and fostering superior brain power! Along with this conscious challenge, our brains and bodies will benefit from moving more, eating better, and learning together. As a community, we'll discover new recipes, practice a variety of yoga, share advice, shop local, explore farmers markets, meet in nature, ask for help, and more.

During this month long challenge, I will send you a FOUR week comprehensive guide and over TWENTY yoga class offerings to #MOVEMORE in May, that I hope will inspire, support, strengthen, connect you to your greatest self, and all for an incredible purpose.

So...Happy International MOTHER EARTH DAY! Join us and let's do some good for our planet. Together as a community local or global, small changes can have a major impact. "We must do better." ~ Dr. Jane Goodall

Learn more by clicking HERE! We'll take the pledge to #EATMEATLESS, #MOVEMORE in May and do good for the animals, the earth, and all. 

We'll see you for this amazing journey! Thank you for reading, sharing, helping humankind, the environment, animals worldwide, and signing up. See you soon, dear friends.

Forward Stronger Together

Namaste, Tess

Tess Conrad Yoga




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