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Qigong (chi-gong) is a slow, meditative, mindful movement practice that improves one's mental and physical health by integrating posture, movement, breathing technique, self-massage, sound, and focused intention.

Nourish, recover, and reset with these mindful movement based classes. Take a moment to calm the nervous system, care for the joints, and release stress and tension. Leave feeling balanced and rejuvenated. 
All levels. No experience necessary.

Warning! May lead to greater happiness, mobility, and vitality. Qigong has a rich and ancient history and was created to maintain health, happiness, and well-being. That was popular back then and is still popular today. 

✨Move. Nourish. Replenish. Repeat!✨

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  • Tuesdays 12pm

times are pacific standard

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✨May the Qi Be with You✨

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Tess Conrad’s yoga practice began at the age of 16. She became a dedicated student to the path of yoga. 


In June of 1997, Tess was in a horrible car accident. She recently graduated from high school and was on a date with a college boy who was going to CalPoly. That night she never came home. Tragically, the college boy died and Tess was airlifted to the nearest hospital in critical condition. She had gone through the passenger side window and suffered significant head trauma. Two weeks later she was released from the hospital having no memory of what had happened. According to doctors, the trauma she experienced was so severe and catastrophic that her brain had to “shut out” what she had seen so that she could live and function normally. To this day, Tess has no memory of what happened that night when they hit a tree going 70 mph. After a long road to recovery, eye and arm surgery, she was given a second chance to live - to passionately, fiercely, and boldly live. She paid her way through college, traveled around the world, and graduated with a business music degree from Chico State. It wasn’t until 2010, that she found Ana Forrest Yoga and her life changed forever. She found purpose and became a dedicated yoga student on a mission to heal herself and help others find their passion and discover their greatness. 

Tess is an experienced registered yoga teacher with over 3,500 hours of teacher trainings the best teachers around the globe. She has 20,000 hours of teaching yoga, workshops, events, and has lead two 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training called Discover Your Greatness. Her teachings include Forrest Yoga, Yin Yoga, Flow, Hot, Hybrid and Fusion yoga and NOW QIGONG classes too. Yoga is a study. A study of the self. Thanks to yoga, everyday she finds more and more of her amazing self. She is passionate, dedicated, driven, strong, and inspired about life and all that is still to learn and unlearn. Tess is a grateful yogi who teaches from a place of love, presence, intention, mind body connection and pure passion.

Join her for a nourishing and rejuvenating ride on your mat. Namaste ~

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