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Transform with Tess A quick history on my summer transformational program: In 2017, I attended a five week personal training seminar that elevated my yoga journey as a teacher and student. This is where the birth of Transform with Tess was created. I have combined fitness, yoga, nutrition, and meditation into this 3-5 week transformational journey. We will work together to help make life-changing habits that will empower your greatest and highest self. The three or five week options will include:

* Healthy meal planning and plant-based recipes. Give our favorite foods a break and our digestion a long needed rest.

* Carve out time in your calendar, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for three in person morning practices, per week, social distancing.

* We will meet outside, connect, practice yoga, and play with a variety of fun and challenging exercises.

* Meditation - A wholehearted approach. We will use meditation and breath practices as a way of looking inward.

* Accountability Coach - I will be your guide along the way, dedicated to your goals, and helping you unlock your fullest potential.

There is no greater gift to give yourself than a fresh start. Let me know if you’re interested and we’ll take our first step on Thursday, June 18th. I am looking for a group of ten summer seekers. To learn more, please fill out the Transform with Tess registration form. I am happy to offer payment options that work for you. Bring a friend and save 20% off the full payment price.


Not Goodbye, Hello! As we learn how to maneuver through these new world transitions, it is time for expansion, growth, listening, learning, and awakening. I’ve been a student of East Wind Yoga since 2010, teaching there for more than eight years. Now, my journey at East Wind has come to an end. I am grateful to everyone. I will cherish all of the wonderful, sweaty, stinky, dirty, and heart wrenching memories I have made, the friendships that feel like family, and the entire journey from start to finish in my heart forever. It’s not goodbye. It is hello to expanding my wings and spreading my teachings in new and different ways.


I am committed to sustaining my live streaming offerings. I am dedicated to keeping us moving, inspired, and grounded, as we unwind our minds using prana, unravel the knots using posture, and replenish our spirit using energetic clearing. I will have many outside offerings available starting with Yoga in the Park this Sunday, June 14th. Please RSVP to receive location details. I am happy to announce many more upcoming events off the mat ~ see my upcoming events to sign up and learn more. * Starting July 1st, I will transition my donation based classes to a monthly virtual membership. The online class schedule will also change at that time. I will post a new schedule at the end of June. Stay tuned. Here is what you receive in the Monthly Virtual Membership: * 3 live virtual practices per week. * Yoga class recordings if you miss a practice. Recordings available for 24 hours. * Early access to new events, special practices, and workshops. * Transform with Tess summer program discount of 30% off the full price.

* Drop In classes are available, $10 per class, Venmo @Tess-Conrad-1. Enrollment: * Complete the Virtual Membership form to sign up. *Your card will be charged $55 monthly, starting July 1st. * This monthly charge will start immediately for five periods, July 1st - December 1st. * On January 1st, you can continue your membership or cancel at no charge.

* Complete the Transform with Tess form to receive 30% off the summer program when enrolling in the monthly membership. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your continued love and support. Let’s keep practicing. Student - Teacher Mantra Om saha nāv avatu Saha nau bhunaktu I Saha vīryam karavāvahai Tejasvi nāvadhītam astu Mā vidvishāvahai Om shānti shānti shāntihi Yes. May we two be protected together. May we be nourished together. May we work together with heroic vigor. May our study together be filled with light. May there never be enmity between us. May it be so ~ peace, peace, peace on all levels. OM SHANTI


Upcoming Events Grab a pal or loved one and meet me at the park! Social distancing measures will be taken. There is plenty of shade and the weather is ideal for an outside yoga practice! I am so excited to see you in person! Please RSVP for location details.


June 20th, 2020


Together we will:

  • Break through anxiety, frustration, and isolation with breath work, yoga movements, and more.

  • Learn how to maneuver this new world as we transition our lives from the challenging external events and circumstances.

  • Clear our energy to remove the heaviness of the old world so we may reset into this new world.

  • Discover progressive ways of thinking, communicating, creating, and giving through discussion and question and answer, so we can rise out of this and thrive. Topics include:

  • My choices, your choices, together: Learn how choices have power as we understand the challenges and pressures of today’s time.

  • Local is our future: Moving forward as we embrace a structural shift in the current economy.

  • Trust me, give some: Practical tools for creating positive effects of generosity towards each other, our community and beyond.

There is no time better than the present moment to awaken, open our hearts, and become more mindful and gentle as we replace our fears with wisdom. With warmth and compassion, we will guide you gently through our sacred time together. Think of it as a mini retreat for the soul, and an awakening for the body and mind. Our meeting will take place online through the Zoom format. For questions please contact Tess at 530-520-0729 or Pricing, details, and payment options are on the registration page. Click here to register and subscribe, Here’s to new beginnings, in our progressive new world, and to starting right where you are, just as you are. Peace, love, beauty, and joy, The Quantum Healing Team




Here's to our journey together. Thank you for reading. Namaste ~

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