Hello Friends, I don't know about you but I've been on edge lately, grasping for inspiration and grace. We are living in this extraordinary time... and it has been unbelievably stressful! My mantra has been NEVER GIVE UP. These overwhelming moments offer us an opportunity to either turn towards fear or love. I choose love. And Yoga helps. A lot. It's needed and necessary as we weather these wild storms and turn struggle into striving, horrible into humility, turmoil into transformation and violence, hatred, and injustice, into guidance, healing, and love. It's time for more than just not giving up; it's time to up our game. This week I attended a live streaming newsletter workshop with Andre

Welcome Back? The Strength of Forward

It's Back to School time? Welcome to this crazy new school year. "Back" loses its meaning as we move forward in this new and different world. There is no "back" about this. We are in new territory navigating technology, virtual experiences, and not enough bandwidth. This is a crash course for everyone as we move forward online and at home. Maybe we need to take a pause. We don't have to have it all figured out to move forward. Let us allow ourselves to take a second, see how far we've come in the last five months during this global pandemic, and then give ourselves permission to start where we are or simply to begin. We are indeed in a epic transition shared by all. Now is the time to find s

August Outside and at Home, Part I

Sign up, join, and learn more below. Tess Conrad Yoga Virtual Membership Online Live Streaming Schedule Yoga in the Park Quantum Healing in the Garden Here's to a safe, inspired, and grounded August. Remember to find ways to unwind your mind using prana, unravel the knots moving with posture, and replenish your spirit using energetic clearing. See you for practice. Stay tuned for PART II of August Outside and At Home. Thank you for being here. Stay safe. ~ Om Shanti, Namaste ~

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