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After the year we've had, we all need a reset!

As we finish off this crazy year and prepare for a needed new beginning, here is a refreshing, fun, and inspiring challenge to help put the past behind us and journey forward with fierce optimism for a new fresh start.


  • Meditative Movement flow to cleanse our mind body & release toxins and fears.

  • Hatha yoga flow to wake up and restart ~ bringing a higher vibration of inspiration and creativity.

  • Fresh restart class for vibrant health and a focus on the heart chakra for moving forward.

  • Restorative yoga class to boost our immunity, breathe in newness, and keep our stresses low.

  • On the fifth day of the new year, we'll end with ceremony flow for honoring change, new adventures, and releasing any lingering debris from 2020.

Let us renew, restart, and be unapologetic about our health and wellness, so we can move on in 2021!

Sign up by clicking here: 

FREE to members. Become a member! Includes the five day challenge, live streaming classes for January and all video recordings in case you miss a class.

Happy New Year! Thank you for reading, supporting, and signing up. Let's keep moving together.

Namaste ~ Tess


Join us for the last classes of December 2020!

Monday 9am, Tuesday 9am, and Wednesday 9am ~ A variety of fun yoga flow classes. All levels. Invite your friends and family. Classes are sliding scale. RSVP here and I'll email you a unique zoom link to join us! These three classes are included in the 5 Day Yoga Reset Challenge!


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