Illuminate - Post Cleanse

Transformational Truth Journey & Queen Pigeon TRUTH: I cheated on my cleanse twice. The first cheat was sweet potato fries (which I wrote about in blog 11) and the second was…frozen yogurt on day 12 and it was divine! The cleanse was definitely a love/hate relationship. There were tons of highs, many lows, headaches, and a healthy, buzzy-like vibration I wish I could hold onto forever. I allowed myself some down time to reflect on the 14 day conscious cleanse journey. It was a transformational ride from day 1-14! I learned a ton about myself. I made a couple life changing decisions in the process. I felt better mind, body, and spirit than I have in years! My yoga practice soared and my famil

Quest - Day 12

What’s the secret to life? If you haven’t read The Alchemist, go to your local book store or Amazon and buy it, immediately! Paul Coelho states, “The secret is here in the present. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. And, if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better.” It’s a story about the never ending pursuit of happiness. A young Spanish shepherd is compelled to leave his life of comfort and follow his dreams of finding a great treasure. Along his journey he learns to trust “the soul of the world” and believe that there are forces in the world that want us to be happy. It’s an incredible journey about listening to your heart and overcoming

Raw & Naked - Day 11

I have a confession… Eleven days down, three days to go and I’m ready for it to be over! For whatever reason today I felt overwhelmed, tense, and tired of this cleanse. I wanted comfort foods, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and a hot cup of coffee! I stayed true to the cleanse until I met my family out for dinner. My confession…I ate sweet potato french fries and loved every single strip of fried, crispy sweetness! I gave myself a break and it was a relief. I have been 200% committed, pressuring myself to fully finish this cleanse and lost a little balance because of that. All day my son wanted to plant a vegetable garden. I mean how cute is that?! We’ve been talking a lot about healthy fo

Courage - Day 10

Easter, adopting bunnies, fire marshal, and the yoga biz. I had this crazy idea - again probably from a cleansed mind - to teach an easter class with bunnies. Yes, real live ones. My thought is to ask the local SPCA to come down to the studio and do an adoption event. While in yoga class, we’d have all these furry, sweet bunnies hopping around us. It’s a take off from the goat yoga craze in Oregon. Well, the fire marshal or health department might have an issue or someone might complain and ruin it for everyone else. So a no go, unfortunately… I’m ten days in and I’m tired. You’d probably think the opposite. I woke up at 4:52am and didn’t go back to sleep. I’m reminded of the Persian poet Ru

Real Change - Day 9

Warning: Cleansing may lead to making life changing decisions. This cleansing experience has been transformational to say the least. My guts have been detoxified. My mind is calm and clear. My body is strong. My heart is profoundly open and my spirit has lead me to make an incredibly tough decision. It took all the trust, intuition, prayers, courage, signs and symbols to make this choice and I did it. I hired an amazing team of people to help take my yoga business to the next level. Divine timing, today I read, “real change, both in yourself and in the world, requires you to stand out and be courageous. Courage is not safe, courage presses through when there is no hope. Courage is not the ab

Infinite Possibilities - Day 8

I’m finding myself in a quandary about whether or not to spend a rather large sum of money on a business venture. I’m putting this out there to the Universe, asking, “Is this the right, next step for me?” “Do I or don’t I?” “Please send me a sign!” The quality of the questions you ask determine your results. Steve Jobs asked, “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today?” Now that’s a quality type question that makes me deeply contemplate this decision. Sunday evening I spent quite some time listening to a video about how to grow your yoga business, increase your income, and secure amazing clients. I set up a call for this morning and spoke to a lovel

Reboot - Day 7

Protein balls, shrimp stir-fry, cocoa nibs, chocolate milk, and Uncle Harvey… I celebrate for the first time ever that I am half way through a cleanse! Today I feel a lift of energy. I have a new spring to my step and a refreshing glow that feels amazing! Maybe I’m through the upward dredge of my conscious cleanse climb and have reached a summit. The headaches still come and go but eating a conscious, organic diet has made a tremendous effect on my whole life. The way I plan. The way I shop. My cooking has changed and my taste buds have rebooted! Doing a cleanse or starting a yoga practice is about creating life changing habits that help us to keep illuminating our greatness. To purify and c

Purification - Day 6

Day six is all about purification and it’s been a bitch! Today, I’m irritable, short-tempered, and cranky from this cleanse. I’m sure I sound like a fun person to be around. Saturday is family day. We wake up, snuggle, make some coffee, have breakfast, go on a walk, and flow with the rhythm of the day. Physiologically, my body knows it’s the weekend to relax and enjoy. I’ve had several fits as a result of no caffeine and I’ve survived. Coffee is so much more tempting today and my body is irritated. I miss that hot, frothy, sweetened cup of joe so much! I’m almost halfway through the journey. I know I can do this… It’s crazy how much prana, our life force energy, we give to things. It’s inevi

Gratitude - Day Four

Tonight, I have a fifth grade concert to attend with my family. In my head I’m thinking, “What I am going to make for dinner?” On special event nights like tonight, we usually just go out. I don’t want to ruin my cleanse because I have chips, cheese, or pizza. UGH…what to do? I could bring dinner, that’s easy enough. This morning, I open my email from the conscious cleanse. Jo and Julie’s team send daily emails so that we wake up inspired for the rhythm of a new and conscious day. Today is all about gratitude. In the subject line it says, Eating Out like a Champ - Day 4. Sweet!!! I can go out to dinner! They mentioned this is not a prison sentence and to go out and have a great experience. I

Mental Detox - Day Three

It’s hump day. It feels like I’m walking up a pile of that hump all day long! I know it’s because my body is detoxing the residue from the old sugar cubes that have been stuck to my inner thighs and lower butt cheeks for years and from too many Moscow mules and champagne happy hours. Cleansing is hard work! It’s so easy to grab a cookie, eat cereal, pick up fast food, snack on bread and cheese, drink coffee, or eat prepared meals. The work is in the planning and prepping, shopping and cooking. It’s the hard core moments of coffee crashes and severe sweet tooth withdrawals that have been challenging me to push through…Amazingly enough I’m doing it. I’m also bloated, crampy, tired and moody AN

Consciously Cleansing - Day Two

I remember reading somewhere in the conscious cleanse notes that we need to rest and take it easy during our cleanse. Well, not today! Tuesdays are a whirlwind of a day and I love it! A quick recap of day two: 5:30am I was up and ready to go, which was a nice surprise considering how I felt yesterday. I also felt hungry right away. I meditated then made a raspberry smoothie with 1 cup raspberries, 1 banana, 2 cups spinach, chia & flax seeds, water and ice. I also added a little bit of honey peanut butter to it and it wasn’t delicious. I think it was too much spinach. Next time, I’ll add coconut water instead of plain water or almond milk. I was thankful to have made enough food the night bef

Consciously Cleansing - Day One

Hello, fellow conscious cleanse inquirers. My intention for the 14 day cleanse is to write a daily log about my experience to purify my body, illuminate my mind, and rejuvenate my spirit. I also want to use this format as a place for learning, sharing, and inquiring. If that sounds interesting, take this 14 day challenge with me and read my blog everyday until Sunday, March 26th. I invite you to get involved by consciously changing your own daily routine. Spring is nearly here and it’s time to plant new seeds, dig deeply into clearing space, purchase organic food, take a yoga class, take a risk, and find a vibrant, new you! Day One: AM: I felt like a slug this morning trying to peel myself o

Birthdays and second chances…

Today is my birthday. It’s also the launch of my first ever website. I’m reminded often, today especially of my life, how I’m living it, and how precious this all is. I was meeting with my web designers, who have quickly become my new friends and we talked about what my intention is for my website. What a good question and one I’ve been inquiring about deeply. On a surface level, this launch, production, project, is about how I can make the world a better place. Through my passion for yoga, I want to help students see the light within themselves so that they can live and breathe from that sacred space. It is an extraordinary gift to be a yoga teacher and to passionately guide students to dis

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