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Self-Care September: You, Me, and Grace

Dear Friends,

Do you need some motivation? Accountability? Inspiration, perhaps? Do you have goals that need rewriting or dusting off? Maybe your anxiety levels are through the roof. Maybe depression is lurking in the corners or sucking up all the air. In these last six months, I've had meltdowns, breakdowns, and breaking throughs. I quit my job. It has been hell. And in many ways, it has also been heavenly.

Heavenly? How has this been heavenly? How has all of this craziness been heavenly? It's a crash course for sure. Our worlds have been turned upside down. We've been scrambling trying to figure it out. Blah blah blah... We know that well, it's been six months of that. The heavenly part is that we have time to focus on self. We can meditate, take time for yoga practice because we're at home. Read a book, learn a new language, garden, cook different foods, really BE with family, and ourselves. A reinventing of SELF. Instead of beating ourselves up and hanging on to all of these things that are burdensome, we can reorient ourselves and create a new self-care trajectory. We can give ourselves permission for mistakes, growth, frustrations, and allow this new. We've been given a fresh start.

It is a new month, new moons, a new season ahead, a chance for some badass new beginnings, and for abundant grace to pour over us! And we need it...a lot of it. And we need all the help we can get! I was on the phone yesterday with a woman talking about her neighbor who is a single mom, working from home, taking care of a special needs child. She doesn't have a lot of help, has a stressful job working from home, and is about to lose it. She needs that abundant grace. I was listening to NPR today about another single mom who lost her job and now has to worry about putting food on the table. That grace is for her too. We may feel alone in our own world, isolated, uncertain, and fearful and there's something we can do about it today.

September is Self-Care Awareness Month. What a perfect time to dive a little deeper into self, let go of what burdens us, and move forward with grace. Together we'll create a self-care kit of cleansing and clearing techniques that will bring us back to balance. Let's take the time for SELF more heavenly and grace filled.

Thank you for reading and sharing the good word. Bring a friend. Yoga is for anyone with any age or fitness level. We'll take it slowly and gently. Be safe out there and remember to be kind to yourself.


Join me this Friday, Sept. 4th for a FREE yoga class at 9:15am. RSVP here to join.

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Be well, be kind, and be safe out there my friends.



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