The Power of Gut and Brain Health

The Power of Gut and Brain Health "When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied." – Herophilus When we have our health we have everything and when we do not, we have nothing at all. This is a complex health topic and we will break it down so you leave feeling empowered and enlightened. This powerful workshop arrives during the spring equinox. This is such an important time of birth and new beginnings. The earth is bursting, blooming, exploding, exposing, rising, striving and stretching skyward. It is the time of year to begin. Join my amazing colleagues, Donna Arz, PhD Founder of

The Power of Yogic Sleep

The Power of Yogic Sleep We live in a society that speeds at a rate faster than we can keep up. Our plates are full and our tanks are empty. Most of us simply run off fumes. Our adrenals are fatigued, our livers overworked, we are sleep deprived, and have accumulated muscular, emotional, and mental tension to the nth degree. It is a vicious threefold cycle. These inner tensions of our individual, micro consciousness contribute to the collective, macro whole. “As we heal ourselves we heal our planet.” ~ Caroline Myss. If I’m speaking to you, thankfully there is a simple solution. Yoga Nidra is a much needed respite for the soul. Yoga nidra’s benefits are available to anyone regardless o

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