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Hello Friends,

I don't know about you but I've been on edge lately, grasping for inspiration and grace. We are living in this extraordinary time... and it has been unbelievably stressful! My mantra has been NEVER GIVE UP. These overwhelming moments offer us an opportunity to either turn towards fear or love. I choose love. And Yoga helps. A lot. It's needed and necessary as we weather these wild storms and turn struggle into striving, horrible into humility, turmoil into transformation and violence, hatred, and injustice, into guidance, healing, and love.

It's time for more than just not giving up; it's time to up our game. This week I attended a live streaming newsletter workshop with Andrea Ferretti. Being live with other humans is an incredible chance to stay connected. It was informative, inspiring, and reminded me to keep going, to NEVER GIVE UP, and that I have something to offer and I want to share it with you!

So join me. Yoga is one of the most powerful things you'll ever do! I have 40 + video recordings in my website library and I want you to check them out! There is yoga to keep you going, yoga for hips and shoulders, quick - ten minute - no excuse yoga to boost your energy, morning sunrise yoga to get you started, warm up videos, and challenging 45 minute to 60 minute classes! Plus, there is more to come!

Sign up at to receive access to a curated selection of these powerful yoga videos for FREE until Sunday, August 30th!


Join me for Yoga in the Park this Saturday, August 29th at 9am. Bring a friend and RSVP to get all the details! Grab your big hat, your mat, sunscreen, and let's practice yoga outside! Lots of shade provided too.

Virtual Monthly Membership opportunity! Click on the button to learn more.

Online, Live Streaming class schedule! Click on the button to learn more.

Yoga in the Park ~ Live, in-person, and socially distanced! Click on the button to sign up.


Thank you for reading. Let's up our game with self-love, self-care, and service to our community.

Let's breathe together and never give up. See you for practice!

Be kind, be well.



"Never give up. Never give in. Never become hostile.. Hate is too big a burden to bear." ~ John Lewis

Tess Conrad, E-RYT * * 530-520-0729 *

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