Courage, Comfort Zones, and Quantum Healing ~ Part II

It was summer of 2018 when I met medicine healer Donna Arz. I had been in a dark place earlier in the year and needed help. A dear friend had mentioned Donna’s name several times and it wasn’t until I was ready to have a break down that I finally listened to my needs and went to see her. After my first session I asked her where I could learn more about the integrative, holistic medicine she was teaching. She looked at me, paused as if she was receiving a divinely intuitive answer (which she was), and asked me to join her empathetic healing touch group. She said the students were all handpicked. The timing was divine and the six month training started the following weekend. Without even knowi

Courage, Comfort Zones, and Quantum Healing ~ Part I

Courage, Comfort Zones, and Quantum Healing ~ PART I It was 2010 and I remember my first East Wind Yoga class with Vanessa like it was yesterday. I was so nervous walking into the studio. I felt completely out of my comfort zone, not knowing what this experience had in store for me, new to practicing yoga in a studio, and trusting the whisper in my gut that roared, “you need this, trust it!” Being new to anything takes courage and trust and you never forget your first yoga class! So here I am with no yoga mat, hardly any clothes on, clueless what I was getting myself into, and no idea the class was heated. With that said, I loved the vibe in the room, the teacher, the music, the sweat, a


Nourish your Energetic Body with Yin Yoga and Sound Healing I was listening to a video about new year resolutions, habits, and changing the “old” you into the “new” you. I loved the speaker’s passion behind the words how you are already enough. You may want to change your job, be a better parent, lover, or friend. Perhaps you would like to create healthy habits around food, practice more yoga, heal an old physical, mental or emotional layer. The point was there is nothing wrong with you on a fundamental level. You are enough! Instead of the “new” you awaken the “true” you. The real you. With the new year in full effect there are numerous opportunities from the self development industry hu

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