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Courage, Comfort Zones, and Quantum Healing ~ Part II

It was summer of 2018 when I met medicine healer Donna Arz. I had been in a dark place earlier in the year and needed help. A dear friend had mentioned Donna’s name several times and it wasn’t until I was ready to have a break down that I finally listened to my needs and went to see her. After my first session I asked her where I could learn more about the integrative, holistic medicine she was teaching. She looked at me, paused as if she was receiving a divinely intuitive answer (which she was), and asked me to join her empathetic healing touch group. She said the students were all handpicked. The timing was divine and the six month training started the following weekend. Without even knowing what I was jumping into, I said yes. When the heart whispers “yes,” listen, and don’t question it. Oprah says, “The universe speaks to us in whispers, and usually in your life it feels like…hmmm, that’s odd. Or hmmm, that doesn’t make any sense. Or hmmm, is that right? It’s that kind of subtle and if you don’t pay attention to the whisper it gets louder and louder and louder and it’s like getting thumbed upside the head. You don’t pay attention to that… it’s like getting a brick upside your head. You don’t pay attention to that… it’s like a brick wall falls down. That is a pattern that I see in my life and so many other peoples lives. So I ask people, what are the whispers? What’s whispering to you now and can you catch it in the whisper?” From June to December I attended Donna’s healing course. She offered a safe, sacred, and divine space for each of us to feel into what was out of alignment in our vibration, recognize where we needed to clean up our energy body, and tend to the needs of our soul. When the student is ready the teacher appears. Each session was beyond transformative, healing, soul nourishing, and so much more. On Saturday, February 2nd from 2-6pm at the East Wind Yoga Roseville studio Donna Arz and I will partner in presenting a sacred, safe, and incredibly healing gathering. This is a rare occasion and you are being called. This is truly an era of soul and self-empowerment. If you are searching to break free from fear, depression, old wounds and reptiles as Caroline Myss calls them, here is your opportunity to dive into your interior nature, connect with the divine, and receive intuitive guidance. Sacred, genuine healing requires grace and we will gracefully guide you on this Quantum Healing journey leaving you with sacred daily tools that lead to your highest and greatest self. Donna can help you realize how stress, personality traits, and emotions can cause illness in your body. Moreover, Donna’s unique gift of sight into the body allows her to see disharmonies that may be causing physical ailments. Through Empathetic Touch and Energy Medicine, together we will:

  • Create a safe and sacred circle

  • Explore your greatest desires

  • Overcome your deepest fears

  • Move the negative imprints that keep you stuck

  • Become more conscious of the energy inside and around you

  • Discover how to radiate from your highest self

  • Learn healing modalities for your soul

  • and so much more!

A short restorative yoga practice will take place followed by energy medicine and divine healing. The class will not be heated and the practice will be supported with yoga props. Bring a friend and sign up today. Only a few spots remain. “There is so much to understand in this wide angle lens of the soul. It’s not that simple; here is your soul and this is how you heal… Deep in you is rumblings of profound curiosity that is wondering if there is something holy and sacred going on inside of you? Is there something deeper? It is a phenomenon to want to have an incredible deep mystical experience and relationship with the divine. That there is something greater than you that knows I you are alive. Which means your life matters. That somehow that force actually knows you are alive. It’s intimate knowing your life matters. In that one second of intimate connection, “When God gets into the walls of your soul just for that second, it is enough for a lifetime.” - Teresa Avila In that second, what is communicated to you is, “I know you are there.” Suddenly everything has purpose and meaning. When you are mystically recognized that you have that sense that Heaven sees you - no matter what you do - it has purpose and meaning. Everything does because you do - because you know your life matters. Not because you have been assigned something. It’s a cosmic lighting strike - it is so explosive - you get that you matter. So everything is significant and important. Everyone is important and looks different. Everything is a divine act. Once you get that, that is how everything feels. It’s inner empowerment. This is the modern day search for the soul. This is the quest everyone is on whether they know it or not.” — Caroline Myss Thanks for reading. I hope you are creating an amazing day. Namaste, Tess 530-520-0729

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