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Nourish your Energetic Body with Yin Yoga and Sound Healing I was listening to a video about new year resolutions, habits, and changing the “old” you into the “new” you. I loved the speaker’s passion behind the words how you are already enough. You may want to change your job, be a better parent, lover, or friend. Perhaps you would like to create healthy habits around food, practice more yoga, heal an old physical, mental or emotional layer. The point was there is nothing wrong with you on a fundamental level. You are enough! Instead of the “new” you awaken the “true” you. The real you.

With the new year in full effect there are numerous opportunities from the self development industry hungry to hook you into changing who you are. They use dangerous and clever marketing tactics rooted in not enough-ness to convince you that somewhere deep down inside you need to change who you are. You need to become something or somebody else…A New You. What if it’s not about being the new you? What if we changed our focus to becoming healthier, happier, more creative, more connected to our spirit, more focused on what really matters, and co-creating the life we truly desire. What if? If you’re inspired to dive deeply into self love and nourish the true you…join me on Friday, January 11th for a total recharge and restorative yin yoga and sound healing. Why yin yoga and what is sound healing? Yin yoga is the calm to our chaos. Yin is the journey into quietude helping to heal our hearts and minds. The practice provides stillness and surrender to our stressful and busy lives. It is the yin to our yang. Through held and supported stretches, yin yoga targets both the deep connective tissues between the muscles, and the facia throughout the body. The practice increases flexibility, fluidity, circulation, and lubrication to the body’s flow of energy. Yin is a gentle and compassionate practice fostering self-love, rejuvenation, opens the heart, calms the nervous system, and provides space for the body to deeply relax. It also allows us to recover from fatigue, nourishes our spirit, washes away fears, and cultivates harmony and compassion and love for self and for others. Sound healing is a beautiful compliment to yin yoga. “We use music for entertainment, expression, celebration, ceremony, leisure, and communication. Whether we are musically inclined or not, it is most likely the one thing that truly connects all humans from all cultures, creeds, and corners of the earth. We play music at our weddings to celebrate love, and at funerals to say goodbye. We listen when we are bored, and dance to it when we want to have fun. We sing praises and worship our deities with it.” Most importantly, we use music for healing. (

In the sound vibration experience each meditation bowl plays a single note that resonates with one of the bodies chakras. Sending targeted sound waves to energize and restore balance. The power of the vibration resonates and flows through the body activating the chakra allowing expansion, movement, and a free flow of energy. Music is therapy to our emotional and psychological health and soothes the soul. Some of the benefits you can receive are:

  • clarity of mind

  • openness of heart

  • letting go of past emotional pain

  • creative freedom and connection to spirit

Experience the powerful benefits of energy healing and more. Sign up with Tess, 530-520-0729 or Stay tuned for The Quantum Healing Experience with myself and medicine healer Donna Arz on February 2, 2019. Details soon! Thanks for reading. Much love and light, Tess There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. ~ Albert Einstein

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