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Real Change - Day 9

Warning: Cleansing may lead to making life changing decisions.

This cleansing experience has been transformational to say the least. My guts have been detoxified. My mind is calm and clear. My body is strong. My heart is profoundly open and my spirit has lead me to make an incredibly tough decision. It took all the trust, intuition, prayers, courage, signs and symbols to make this choice and I did it. I hired an amazing team of people to help take my yoga business to the next level.

Divine timing, today I read, “real change, both in yourself and in the world, requires you to stand out and be courageous. Courage is not safe, courage presses through when there is no hope. Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the passion to not relent. Find the power in kindness, the confidence in compassion, and the transformation in encouragement. Just for the record darling, not all positive change feels positive in the beginning.” - SC Lourie

This change is welcomed change. I have reached day nine still 100% committed. I am learning so much about myself, food, commitment, my desire to keep pushing toward my dreams. I am motivated to finish and learn more about myself and to begin this business venture. Trust is The Power Path sub theme for March. “You have to have trust in order to successfully surrender. You have to trust that there is a bigger picture, that there is a greater order, that there is a built in safety net, and that all will turn out just exactly as it should.” - The Power Path

My meals: AM, I just couldn’t eat oatmeal again. I had a small cup of homemade ‘chocolate milk’ and one strawberry. I made ‘The Alkalizer Smoothie’ with 2 large stalks of celery, 1 handful of spinach, 1 small lemon peeled, 1 pear, and one coconut water. No thumbs up from my son for this smoothie - sour face instead. I must be getting used to the taste of ‘healthy.’ Lunch was leftover vegan/gluten free pizza and an energy bar (which I probably wasn't supposed to have, but at least it was vegan/gluten free/non-gmo/organic/cold pressed…so I didn’t feel that bad!) One large Harmless Harvest coconut water after teaching my yoga classes. For dinner I had sautéed vegetables. Week two of the cleanse is about soul food. It is suggested we eat more of a plant-based diet with fewer grains and animal protein. I’m going more green and feeling good!

You must make a “choice” to take a “chance” or your life will never “change.” - unknown

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