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The Inflamed Soul

The Inflamed Soul I have been sitting back reflecting on the last few very tragic days. It is hard to know what to say or where to begin. I know staying quiet serves not one soul. The very ground underneath us feels like it is collapsing. The massive misuse of power and the unfathomable atrocities happening in the world is devastating. I ask myself who am I to write something and put it out there? What difference does it make? It makes all the difference. As a gay woman, I am no stranger to oppression. I am part of a larger collective of people who experience injustice because of who we are. I cannot speak for the black community but I can say that my heart is with you and I am appalled and enraged and I love you. I stand in solidarity with you and I will not sit by silently. What do we do? What will change? How can we serve humanity? The road ahead feels grim. This tragic time is not going to be easy. I received this video today by Caroline Myss and it is worth a listen. Her message is about what is in one, is in the whole. What we do to one person, we do to the whole. She eloquently speaks about the examination of grace and our capacity to use our gifts of the spirit to empower the spirit of another person. Our highest potential is to be of service to our brothers and sisters. It was cooling to my inflamed soul. I hope it helps. Join me for yoga this week to breathe, hold space, soften, empower, stand strong together, cultivate bravery and compassion, and mend our scattered, broken hearts back together. Let us gather together and use the unimaginable suffering in the world as the actual, tangible material of awakening. “When the world is filled with evil, / Transform all mishaps into the path of bodhi.” Thank you for reading. See you for practice. to subscribe.