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Quantum Healing ~ Rise & Thrive Saturday, June 20th, 2020 - 11am Now more than ever we appreciate coming together in community, uniting with our friends and family, moving our bodies, and staying healthy for our hearts and minds. Carve out some needed time and join us on Saturday, June 20th at 11am for a transformative experience to help awaken the inner realm, remove negative imprints on the soul that have been caused by isolation, doubt, frustration, and bring forth all of you, your magnificent soul power. Together we will:

* Break through anxiety, frustration, and isolation with breath work and yoga movements.

* Learn how to maneuver this new world as we transition our lives from the challenging external events and circumstances.

* Clear our energy to remove the heaviness of the old world so we may reset into this new world.

* Discover progressive ways of thinking, communicating, creating, and giving through discussion and question and answer, so we can rise out of this and thrive.

Topics include:

* My choices, your choices, together: Learn how choices have power as we understand the challenges and pressures of today’s time.

* Local is our future: Moving forward as we embrace a structural shift in the current economy.

* Trust me, give some: Practical tools for creating positive effects of generosity towards each other, our community and beyond.

There is no time better than the present moment to awaken, open our hearts, and become more mindful and gentle as we replace our fears with wisdom. With warmth and compassion, we will guide you gently through our sacred time together. Think of it as a mini retreat for the soul, and an awakening for the body and mind.

Our meeting will take place online through the Zoom format. For questions please contact Tess at 530-520-0729 or Pricing, details, and payment options are on the registration page. Click here to register and subscribe, Here’s to new beginnings, in our progressive new world, and to starting right where you are. Om Shanti, The Quantum Healing Team 530-520-0729

~ The Be-Wilderness ~ Podcast

“The Bewilderness Podcast is a blend of open discussion and narrative form that explores the lives and shares the stories of individuals who seek out challenge and live their adventure.’’

I am honored to be a guest on Kyle Murphy’s Bewilderness Podcast.

Click here to hear my story on life, love, death, and yoga. ~

You can now mail correspondence, donations, workshop, and /or training payments to my new mailbox: Tess Conrad 1079 Sunrise Ave. Ste B-272 Roseville, Ca 95661