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You are Being Called

Can you truly leave everything familiar and venture into the unknown? Can you brave discomfort and risk taking a chance on yourself? Are you hungry for connection, craving transformation, a spiritual community, or soul work? Are you curious about taking a deep dive into yoga as a practice and as a life path? Do you want to be touched by something greater than yourself, to have your breath taken away by the something sacred that fills you with awe, that says this life, this breath, this body is sacred? Why would anyone want to do that? Why through the platform of Yoga? These are no ordinary times. The world we relate to is changing at a rapid pace. I remain awestruck about our daily interface with technology - technology that is meant to make life easier for us but makes us feels as though we cannot keep up. We are constantly consumed checking email at all hours of the day and night, checking notifications for our social media apps, comparing ourselves to others online. Our collective fear of missing out has led to our addiction of looking down and not looking within. Caroline Myss supports this well, “We are technical addicts, meaning that we reside as much in the invisible realm of the Internet/computer reality as we do in the physical world. The “energy” atmosphere has become a residence for us, along with an energy address as well as a street address.” There is a spiritual price we pay for this high paced, fast chaotic world. We are severely isolated, lonely, lack community, deep connection, and physical contact. On a deeper soul level, we are hungry, starved even to move beyond this online/world wide web madness and into a spiritual holism and divine intimacy. This is why we need Yoga. Yoga calms the mind and centers us back into our wholeness where we remember what is important, what we are made of, and to let the universal, cosmic light back in! Just one conscious breath can restore and transform our sense of balance and ease. One positive thought can shift the entire body on a genetic level. Imagine what a dedicated and disciplined yoga practice can do? As a student of yoga, I’ve participated in many amazing, life-changing yoga teacher trainings and they always lead me back to this self. I feel stronger physically, clear headed, vibrationally cleansed, and I return filled to the brim with mystical and magical light and love so that I may serve better and give it all back with my heart and soul. As a teacher of yoga, working on leading a third 200 hour teacher training, it keeps me aligned, tapped in, tuned in, and turned on for life! It keeps me hungry to connect, to serve wholeheartedly, and to share my inner cosmic light far and wide. You are being called to take this courageous step to redirect your interior life compass and shift the direction of your life. There is a divine teacher within each and everyone of us. I am now launching the course work for Discover Your Greatness Yoga Teacher Training, which is a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Course and begins in January of 2019. This is an intensive six week course that will transform your life and uplevel your mind, body, and spirit. We are living in an incredible time of transformation. The time is now. Your potential is endless. You are called to share your gifts. Step outside of yourself, take the leap, grow wings along the way, and affect the world in a positive way! To learn more join me for an Information Session on October 6th, 11am at East Wind Yoga, Auburn studio; 922 Lincoln Way Auburn, Ca 95603 | | or 530-520-0729 for more details. With love and light. Namaste, Tess

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