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Transform your life in 40 days with these 4 elements

As we feel summer slowly shift, cooler breezes at dawn inspire and fall vibrations transform. Fall is an inspiring time to clear out, clean up, and consciously cleanse! There is no greater gift than to give yourself a fresh start. The Power Path School of Shamanism states that the fall equinox is a time to focus on the new, what needs to be new and how you can support what is new. From now until Friday, Sept. 22nd is a powerful time to clean off our plates. This makes me think of the Niyama, Saucha. Niyamas are the study of five ethical principles and moral codes of the eight-limbed yoga path from Patanjali. Stay with me… The Niyamas are a deep invitation into radical self-exploration of possibility, awareness, enoughness, and wonder. Saucha is the first Niyama and invites you to purify your body, physical spaces, thoughts, and speech. It’s an offering or a doorway to a deeper path to awakening you to inner exploration. The more we clear, clean up, and purge the unwanted, the better we can tune into our higher fields of awareness, radiance and manifesting what we deeply desire. We have to learn how to be in vibrational alignment with what we truly desire. I strongly encourage you to take time this week to create space in your mind, body, office, purse, under your bed, car, etc. and allow the newness of the energy to circulate and bring clarity to your mind. Use this time to awaken and emerge into your supreme power. This equinox can transform your life if you allow, invite, and honor its celestial power! Are you ready to transform your life? Join me for a FREE session to learn more about transforming your life in 40 days with 4 simple elements. Ninety percent of your success will come from nutrition and mindset, creating mindful habits and accountability. This high vibrational series is not about restriction, counting calories, or deprivation. It’s a passionately designed program to consciously help you change your life from the inside out. Transforming your life begins with choice. Be willing to show up 100% from start to finish. The investment for self-love, raising your vibration, and transforming your life is well worth it. Trust the process. The time is NOW. “As we focus on these inner workings and knowing what we are wanting the outer world will change. Manifestation is to put the primary focus on changing the internal world. Unpacking the manifesting of your own super power puts the winds of momentum behind your sails.” - Jai Dev Singh Take the next steps by registering here. Love, light, acceptability and accountability. Om Shanti, Tess Conrad, E-RYT

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