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Consciously Cleansing - Day One

Hello, fellow conscious cleanse inquirers. My intention for the 14 day cleanse is to write a daily log about my experience to purify my body, illuminate my mind, and rejuvenate my spirit. I also want to use this format as a place for learning, sharing, and inquiring. If that sounds interesting, take this 14 day challenge with me and read my blog everyday until Sunday, March 26th.

I invite you to get involved by consciously changing your own daily routine. Spring is nearly here and it’s time to plant new seeds, dig deeply into clearing space, purchase organic food, take a yoga class, take a risk, and find a vibrant, new you!

Day One:

AM: I felt like a slug this morning trying to peel myself out of bed…very sluggish after all the birthday celebrating! I was proud not to have any coffee but instead a warm cup of water with lemon. I just cut the lemon and put it into my cup, no squeeze but subtle and satisfying.

Beverage Tips:

Drinking warm lemon water in the morning kick starts the digestion. It’s like washing your face in the morning but for your organs. Lemons are high in vitamin C, which is great for the skin and brain. Rich in potassium and is one of the most alkaline foods out there. The best tip yet is these lovely lemons help to kick the coffee craving in the morning. Tomorrow, I’ll squeeze the lemon juice into my cup!

Have a green smoothie in the morning. I filled my vitamix with a handful of spinach, a cup of blueberries, a whole banana, heaping scoop of chia and flax seed, a small scoop of almond butter, a little ice and water and blended until smooth. It was excellent. I made more for drinking later when I felt hungry.

I researched through the conscious cleanse recipes and made a list. I love shopping at Trader Joe’s because of their abundant organic variety. I am a firm believer in organic products and purchased almost everything organic. It was a pricey trip! It’s inspiring to grocery shop and find new menu items to look forward to cooking. So far I’ve done well…I’ve got this!

Around 10am, I remembered I had a free birthday drink from Starbucks. I had to wrestle with the “do I or don’t I” thoughts and then found myself going through the Starbucks drive through. I ordered a chai tea with almond milk. It was definitely post-birthday energy crash and cleanse anxiety. I came home and put the groceries away and was famished. Yet another temptation arises… We went to our local Mexican restaurant last night with family and had leftovers!!! Damn those leftovers and damn El Tapatio for being so good! For my lunch, I ate Camarones a la Crema with extra mushrooms and enjoyed every bite! Does it still count if I begin my cleanse this evening? I say, yes, and I did okay for day one, thus far. I am committed to this cleanse, 100%. Timing and temptation are funny things!

For dinner, I made us 1 & 1/2 cup quinoa (soak in water first) in my rice cooker with vegetable broth. In the white basket on top of the inside of the rice cooker, I steamed zucchini, broccoli, carrots, celery, and mushrooms. I added lemon juice, garlic, sea salt, pepper, oregano and a touch of olive oil. Earlier I made garlic caesar dressing for a caesar salad. No anchovies in the caesar dressing, there were no croutons, and it was surprisingly delicious!

Day two awaits and I look forward to the journey. I am not perfect but I am committed and dedicated to living a healthy and conscious life, and sharing it along the way. Namaste ~

“The journey of life and inner development is all about learning to take charge of the power of our own choices.” - Caroline Myss

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