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Birthdays and second chances…

Today is my birthday. It’s also the launch of my first ever website. I’m reminded often, today especially of my life, how I’m living it, and how precious this all is.

I was meeting with my web designers, who have quickly become my new friends and we talked about what my intention is for my website. What a good question and one I’ve been inquiring about deeply. On a surface level, this launch, production, project, is about how I can make the world a better place. Through my passion for yoga, I want to help students see the light within themselves so that they can live and breathe from that sacred space. It is an extraordinary gift to be a yoga teacher and to passionately guide students to discover their greatness and to keep illuminating my own.

On a deeper level, at the core of this, my heartfelt intention is… I’m alive. I experienced a terrible accident when I was 18 and I survived. Though my injuries were severe, I walked away from that unfortunate tragedy with a fully functioning able body, mind, and awakened spirit.

Taking the risk to put myself out into the web world for all to see is exhilarating and terrifying. I’ve learned from the past 20 years since the accident that I have to live boldly and courageously in all my offerings. My day to day living is sacred. I’ve been given a second chance to live and I’m grateful. That life still wants me to be here. I still have a dharma, a soul purpose to complete. To me, there’s a special power, call it a light or an awakening to be given a second chance at life. My website, events, yoga classes, blogs, videos, private sessions, teacher trainings, workshops, etc…are driven from that power, from that divine light.

So happy birthday to me. I am grateful, passionate, and fiercely driven to have come this far. Enjoy your day and the depth of your beautiful breath.

“Try to think bigger than you ever have/or had courage enough to do.” - Alice Walker

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