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Mental Detox - Day Three

It’s hump day. It feels like I’m walking up a pile of that hump all day long! I know it’s because my body is detoxing the residue from the old sugar cubes that have been stuck to my inner thighs and lower butt cheeks for years and from too many Moscow mules and champagne happy hours. Cleansing is hard work! It’s so easy to grab a cookie, eat cereal, pick up fast food, snack on bread and cheese, drink coffee, or eat prepared meals. The work is in the planning and prepping, shopping and cooking. It’s the hard core moments of coffee crashes and severe sweet tooth withdrawals that have been challenging me to push through…Amazingly enough I’m doing it. I’m also bloated, crampy, tired and moody AND I’m doing this! I appreciate taking this experience one day at a time. It’s overwhelming being a busy mom, yoga teacher, new blog writer, workshop creator, housewife…oh the list goes on. It reminds me of a pendulum. Today is hard but tomorrow I might have a fresh burst of rejuvenated energy and an awakened awareness I have not yet known.

Recap of the day: I woke up at 5:46am. Fed the cats. Meditated for ten minutes and went back to sleep! I felt so tired this morning. I’m sure it’s energy depletion from being so busy on Tuesday. Our american culture goes 250 miles per hour. We’re also on caffeine overload; we have too much stress and not enough sleep. Participating in this cleanse has slowed things down a bit, surprisingly enough. Even though it takes more time to plan ahead for meal preparation, I’ve found that I am moving through my day slowly and more consciously. Planning ahead is key to successfully finishing this cleanse. I’m grateful at the end of the day to look back and be content, or have “santosha” with my hard work and the clarity this third day has given me…

My meals: AM, I had oatmeal with almond milk, cinnamon and raspberries - delish!

I made a kale, banana, blueberry, chia & flax seed, ice and water smoothie - also delicious! Lunch, I transformed last night’s dinner into a salad with fresh guacamole. I snacked on more smoothie before class. For dinner we ate cod with spiraled zucchini, rainbow carrots, and mushrooms, smothered in homemade basil pesto! My belly is happy. I drank water all day and had a s.pellegrino with dinner. One of my yoga friends mentioned mixing coconut water, green tea, lemon, a touch of liquid stevia over ice for a refreshing drink. I shall check that out tomorrow.

My class theme for tonight was surrender. It was my inspiration throughout today. I had to surrender temptation, busyness, exhaustion, hunger, solitude, and emotions of fear of failure. The theme for March is surrender from one of my favorite resources, The Power Path. Lena says, “Surrender is an act of power that takes the reins away from the false personality and hands them over to essence. Surrender is letting go of fear and giving up the need for control.” What I learned today was surrender is freedom and this vibrational energy opened up my blocked flow of energy. I’m still working through this but I feel a shift. A clearing of space in my mind body. It’s almost hard to describe. I am trusting the process and trusting the path I am on, always.

Love and light.

Namaste ~

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