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Wake Up Flow

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YOGA with Tess

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I am committed to sustaining live streaming & in person offerings to the community and beyond. I am dedicated to keeping us moving, inspired, and grounded, as we unwind our minds using prana, unravel the knots using posture, and replenish our spirit using energetic clearing. Many outside yoga events, online workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings available. 


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A Deep Relaxation 


 for the

Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Yoga Nidra

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Yoga for grace & greatness

Wild Horses


Yoga Mat

"Despite the ever changing strangeness thrown at us since 2020, I can always count on you and our yoga community to bring balance and light into my life. It’s been an amazing journey and I look forward to continuing to grow and strengthen with you in 2022."

~ Anitra

Forest Road

"I can't even express how grateful I am for the online yoga community that Tess has created!  As an ICU nurse in the thick of things with the covid pandemic, I did not feel safe going to an in person yoga class.  At the same time, I was desperately in need of my yoga practice for some stress relief and general wellness.  And there was Tess!  Providing her unique, fun, and powerful yoga classes both live on zoom or as taped classes available any time.  I've been able to practice in my living room, in my backyard, at the park, while camping-anywhere I have service for zoom, I have yoga with Tess!  I love the chats before and after class and I love the new friends I've made in this community.  We support each other, we encourage each other, and we keep each other accountable to our practice. Tess is our teacher, friend, and greatest cheerleader!  Thank you Tess!!"

~ Christie


"I’ve been attending Tess’ online yoga community for almost 2 years, and I look forward not only to the yoga but also in connecting with others who attend. I love the 15 minute catch-up time that we have before class followed by the workout. Tess is a life-long learner, constantly pushing herself to deliver new and engaging classes that meet the needs of all. Every pose has modifications offered which has allowed me to find a practice that’s perfect for me. This community is an inspiring and welcoming space to practice, laugh, and grow." 

~ Lynn

Dramatic Sunset over the Mountains

"This community means the world to me. I am a major slacker by myself. I put things off and say I’ll do it tomorrow all too much. These classes take away my excuses. No babysitter needed; people will call me out if I don’t go; the group is fun and makes me laugh. I’ve made friends, gained strength, confidence and shockingly found enough joy in working out. Live vs putting on a recording makes such a difference for me!! Tess has built something incredible." 

~ Sam