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What is Quantum Healing for the Soul?

Quantum Healing for the Soul

What is the Soul? In the blueprint of the soul we have one leading element. This is the unique landscape of our divine nature, the holism of who and what we are. The imprint of the blueprint is our soul or soul blueprint. This is our birthdate, hour, place, and time. All roads lead to the soul, our plan, dharma, and purpose. Our soul is the map. The soul knows what we are here to learn, the lessons to be learned, and what it will take to discover our divine potential along the way. Your soul is your cosmic nature. Your soul is your source of power. This blueprint is a rare and precious gift we were given as we came into this earthbound life force. This human family. So why does that matter? Your soul is your essence and your life force. Are you stuck in your life force? Suffering from emotional trauma that is still very present within you? Are you overcome by your deepest fears, past traumas or life events that are causing you more and more health issues? Is there “something” inside of you that is traumatized to a degree that makes you feel stuck, stifled, unconscious, negative, resentful, angry, unhealthy, disillusioned, etc..etc…? If you said yes to any or all of these questions, then there is a negative imprint or negative imprints in your blueprint. Simmering deep below the surface is a deep discontent that creates a shadow which forms a dis-ease in the thread of your energy field, your soul blueprint. This dis-ease in the body harbors an unrest for the soul. Haven’t you had enough despair, fatigue, self-sabotage? Don’t you want your power back? It is time for change in the collective consciousness of humanity. This is an extraordinary and evolutionary time to harness, honor, and own your divine and innate power. In the contrast between the deep despair and the soul healing there is light. There is help. You can choose to stay stuck or choose to move forward, thrive, and become fully alive. We must proceed in becoming a shared, sacred community and in doing that, each one of us must do the work inside of ourselves to make this wholeness happen. Your soul has been knocking, have you been listening? Has your soul given you signs but you are so stuck you can’t see the signs? “It is the soul in us that has to come to terms of the next stage in our own evolution. What is the source of my own deep disruption? Why can’t my mind settle and why can’t I be content? Why can’t this be enough? The search to stop searching. It’s the quest to stop questing. By false reasons and by being afraid of other people and by other illusions. I want to be empowered by a real level.” Carolyn Myss What is Quantum Healing and how can we help you? Healing is hard work! Getting your power back is hard work. As partners in this work, Donna and I will guide you through a heartfelt, empathetic healing approach to help transform the trauma and propel you into new heights of your greatest self. The mind is a messy place. We do not go to the mind for healing. Healing is not reasonable or rational to the mind. We go to the soul for healing. In our Quantum Healing experiences we gather together and speak a new language of energy, vibration, soul talk, divine channeling, infinite source wisdom, and power. We Quantum shapeshift your outer world and consciously connect you back into your interior, soul, self, divine nature and into the essence of who you truly are. We are your guides and we will help awaken a deeper level of your divine self through empathetic touch, sound healing, restorative yoga, kirtan, the organ body, i.e., heart, pancreas, liver and so much more. We create a safe sanctuary so that you discover how to stand tall in your own right and into the deeper quantum level of yourself. We apply a holistic, psychic, intuitive, clairvoyant, wholehearted approach to healing practices for you to achieve everything your soul desires. We help awaken the inner realm, help you remove the negative imprints, uncover the dis-ease, and bring forth all of you, your magnificent soul power. Join us for a Quantum healing experience, June 1st, July 27th and beyond. Call Tess to reserve your spot. Only a few spaces remain. “Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded. It's a relationship between equals. Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity. — Pema Chödrön

Love and light,

Tess Conrad, E-RYT

Yoga Instructor

Empathetic Touch Practioner


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